Craftworld Background
Name: Tain-Ifieth
Meaning: End of Darkness

Story:Before the Fall the Craftworld of Eliath-Ifieth took as many uncorrupted Eldar as they could before setting out to escape what they knew was sure to come. They stayed longer then the other craftworlds, rescuing as many as they could but unfortunately they waited too long. They had not fully escaped the crone worlds when the tear in the fabric of space was formed creating the Eye of Terror. For millennia they battled all manor of Chaos Spawn, never failing in their ongoing battle. Each battle took its toll on the Craftworld, slowly depleting the Eldar population. They also knew the orbit of the Craftworld was deteriorating and the only option left to them was to abandon their home. Eliath-Ifieth had a small fleet of space cruisers but they had also salvaged a Void Hunter before fleeing the Crone Worlds. The resources of the whole Craftworld were used to finish the ship. Numerous upgrades were made and the ship’s hull was enlarged to handle the entire population. And in doing so they created a new class of ship, the Void Wraith and it partially took the name of dying Craftworld, Tain-Ifieth. The Wraithbone Core was carefully and painstakingly moved onto the new ship taking their ancestor’s souls with them so they would not be destroyed along with their doomed Craftworld. Once the population was transferred to the newly finished ship the Craftworld was to have one final battle. An intercept course was set for one of the crone world’s moon. This served two fold, first the impact and detonation of the Craftworld’s core would destroy a large section of the moon that was infested with Deamons. And two it would cause a distraction the Eldar would need. There were three ancient Eldar weapons buried in a vast tomb on the moon and these weapons were to be re acquired as the impending collison of the Craftworld would server as the distraction they needed.

The people of Tain-Ifieth have a deep hatred of Chaos in any of its forms and will go out of their way to destroy any taint detected. The Eldar saw how their people’s arrogance had lead to the destruction of their culture and cursed their race and the others of the galaxy severly. They strive to be humble and understanding of other races save the Necrons. Only together will the races of the galaxy conqueror the treats that stand before them. On numerous occasions Tain-Ifieth has responded to human distress calls defeating the great enemy and seeking only friendship as payment. A soul saved is another soul to fight the forces of chaos.

Tain-Ifieth’s goal of ending Chao’s power has narrowed the path’s normally chosen. A large number of the population follow the paths of the warrior, the seer and the seeker. To defeat the great enemy will require battle, warriors do battle. The craftworld is enguaged on a large number of fronts and requires a large standing force of warriors of all aspects. Guardians are few in number, most are pilots and gunners. Deep in the core of the Craftworld/Ship sits the Shrine of the Ancients, here the ancient war machines sleep, hosts awaiting a spirit.

To defeat the great enemy the skein of fate will have to be read, seers weave fate.
Second only to Ulthwe in the number of seers. The original craftworld being so close to the Eye of Terror appears to have increased the number and potency of Tain-Ifieth’s Seers.

To defeat the great enemy knowledge and information must be gleaned, seekers find the truth. The Eldar understand the forces of the enemy will not be defeated by strength and guile alone. Secrets and Intellegence are the greatest weapons and Tain-Ifieth seeks as much as possible. Rangers and Pathfinders set out in search of any information they can discover as well as stopping the enemy from obtaining any valuable intelligence of their own. They have strong ties with The Black Library and its keepers.

Eldar Kill Team Narrative - Short Story

Characters of Note:
Farseer - Haan Mora Ann

Farseer - Baiel Kair Tain
Farseer Brathrilian Tain

Farseer Fideleon Tar
Wraithknight - Clariayon

Wraithknight -

"All life must be ex-sponged from this rock, it is a sorrowful task. And that is why I am here." Clariayon -Tain-Ifieth Wriathknight



Warlock -Menteal


Dire Avenger Exarch - Arthiries

Dire Avenger Exarch - Terislean
Dire Avenger

Black Guard
For every step Siquenteis took down the dark hallway a globe of light would illuminate only to extinguish as he passed. He walked toward the Hall of Armament, his Jetbike awaited him. As he entered the hanger his psi-attuned Jetbike started it's power up sequence, the display lit up and the rider saddle slid back waiting for him. He looked to the left and right, everyone was here and prepared. He donned his helm and called for the Black Guard to mount up, The Craftworld was going to war and their duty was to protect the Seer. The Black Guard had preformed this role since the begin days of the Craftworld and would continue to do so until the final battle.

Banshee Exarch

Banshee Exarch
Scorpion Exarch - Shrine of the Silent Blade


Spider Exarch

Spider Exarch

Reaper Exarch - Morbiel


Hawk Exarch

Hawk Exarch

Dragon Exarch - Chardinous

Dragon Exarch - Ashenous
Illic Nightspear

Pathfinders / Rangers

Pathfinder - Phidious

Pathfinder - Trear’ela



Wraithlord - Borial
War Walkers

Vyper Squadron
Hornet Squadron

Jetbike Squadron

Crimson Hunter - Alpha
Crimson Hunter- Beta

Wave Serpents


Fire Prism v.1

Fire Prism v.2

Night Spinner

Maugan Ra