Friday, June 23, 2017

Reinforcements have arrived..

Wow... it took longer then I was expecting but I got the rest of the Tactical and the Vets done..  Painting 20 dudes in batch was a lot .. so that brings us up to 20 Tactical and 10 Vets finished up.
 The first squad all wrapped up. For the time it took and the many steps to get them all done it really doesn't have that hit you in the face pop that my Eldar do. Not that there isn't as many steps involved.

Airbrush 4 shade blend from black, 60%, 40% and 20%
Black Oil Wash
Hand blend from white to 60% for the highlights
verdigris the bases
rust the bases with 3 colors of rust
grime up the models and base
finish up the eyes using 6 colors
so many levels of matte clear
final highlight
And that is just for the tacticals.. not the Vets that also have addition bits and what not.. All that and I look at them and I'm like .. yup.. they're black haha..  I do like them.. just wish they had a little more pop. I have a couple of add on ideas I might work on if I have the added time but I'm not really expecting that to be a thing .. so we'll see.
 The pictures aren't the best as I really didn't have much time to take them so I'll have to get some better shots at the 2 month count down.
 The second Tactical squad..

 And then the Vets.. I went with two flamers just for fun and gave the Sarge a plasma pistol and power fist.
 These guys had a ton of detail to them and it added some more time but I think they came out looking pretty cool. The Sarge needs a little more detail done to the blue glow but it looks ok for now. When I finish up all the other models that have the glow I'm going to go back and hit them all so I don't have to keep mixing up the colors ..

So that brings me up to 55 infantry troops...

20 Tacticals
10 Veterans
5 Support
10 Dark Fury
10 Mor Deythan

I do have a few more characters to knock out but thankfully it's all the bulk troops I need!! Whoots... I'm hoping to have the Fellblade done by the end of next week as well. I have a schedule I'm trying to stick to,.. hopefully I can keep on it.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The rumble of thunder..

I got some work done on the Fellblade ... I got a lot of chipping done on the main body and a little on the turret. I think it's a good start but it won't really start coming together until I add the grim and other streaking. I went with more of a metal base for the Superheavy as I felt it for use less ceramite and go with more of the heavy iron look. I'll also get to add some more rust and rust streaking. With that in mind I chipped the black a bit more but the bone definitely looks the worse for wear as the front and rear would take the most wear..
 Some areas still have a pretty high gloss as I'm working on those areas the most at the moment (the turret most of all). The turret is also just the base bone for the moment until I go back and start the blending and chipping of the black on the top.
 I added a vehicle number to the front and it will get some stream, spatter and some soot as it's right below the demo cannon.
 On the side without the ladder I added the Legion number .. I might go with the vehicle number on the back of the turret as well but I haven't fully decided.
 Also thinking on the barrels that will be mounted. I'm thinking of going with a heavy chipped red to add some more pop but I don't know if it would stand out a little too much. So many decisions but this thing is so damn big haha
I also did the rough base blends on the remaining 20 guys and I'm in the process of adding the steel color to the accessories. I'm hopping back and forth between them as I really want to get the infantry guys 100% done as they take the longest and I have more fun with the vehicles.

Monday, June 12, 2017

To the front..

 The Deimos is done .. This weekend I had some time and I wanted to finish this tank up. I added some oil streaking, using white, raw umber and blue to add some add coloring to it.
 I think it added some added interest to the tank.. some of the area were looking a little too plain to me and I think it was really throwing it off. So .. pretty happy with the outcome. I included some of the pictures that are a now and then..
 The pic above is with the oil streaking. It's not a slap in the face with the look but a small minor detail but to me I think it really adds to the model.
 Above is before.
I also got some work done to the Fellblade and I'll be posting them up later this week. I'll be adding the oil streaking to it as well since I'm liking the look. Anyway I can make the black have more interest is a plus to me! 8)

Friday, June 9, 2017

Boots on ground...

 I finished up the first Tactical Squad which feels pretty good as I only have 10 more guys I HAVE to have done and 10 more I'd like to get done. I think they came out looking pretty solid and blend right in with rest of the force.
 I didn't realize it when I pulled 10 of the Tacticals out but there are a mix of two of the squads in there. To keep the squads separate I used similar but different bases. I also gave one squad some damage and on has all studded shoulders. Doesn't matter much really as I'll be painting the other ones as well but still haha..

 Here are a couple pictures in progress. The white highlight blends look harsh before I finish out the weathering. They need to be stronger then normal or the grime will wipe them out completely.
 You can also see the bases are in a rougher version. After I add multiple layers of rust I then start to mute the bases so they don't pop so much.
 Here they are after I started adding the grime. They still needed a couple of more coats to get them where I wanted them.
 I also added some of the highlights and the markings on the Rhino. I added the 19th marking to the front fender and..
 The vehicle number to the rear fender. I just picked a random number for the tank haha... as will it's brother. I like the look of the numbering and I'll be adding it to the super heavy and the Land Raider. It adds more realism to the tank which is their whole look so I think it's a win.
 I do need to do a little more streaking but I think the tank is pretty much done.
 I'm liking the look and I think when the whole force is done it will look nice.
I've never tried to painting an entire army in this short of time so it's pretty crazy but cool. Just got to keep on keeping on to get my butt ready for Nova !  8)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Bigger is better

 Well...  Last post I said the Fellblade was a maybe but as soon as I opened the box there was no way I wasn't going to build it haha.. it's not an easy build for sure. I spent the weekend cleaning, soaking, warping, sanding, clipping, and gluing. The instructions are a bit wonky but it came together.
 I magnetized the LAScannons so they can be popped off during travel or if one would be blown off. Even after the soaking I still had a little crazing so I hit up some of the areas with Mr. Surfacer 500. It filled the cracks pretty well and after some sanding I repainted.
It's an awesome looking model. I have to figure out the where I want the accents and what not..

Friday, June 2, 2017

NOVA Open 3 month countdown

 So it's basically 3 months till Nova and I'm trying to get all my ducks or in this case Raven Guard Space Marines in a row. Last year I took a very chill approach to Nova only working on stuff I wanted to put in the painting comp. This year I stupidly went the opposite route.. Aka painting up an entire 30k Raven Guard force. Before this year I never painted one RG marine but having watched some of the stuff going on at the 30k events last year it really got me excited for it.
 So I started looking at the Heresy Army books looking to find something that stood out. After a lot of debate I settled on Raven Guard and commenced ta buying the stuff I needed. Their fighting style seemed cool and I really wanted to go Flyer heavy although that was a punch to the nuts when I realized I had to build two of the FW flyers.
 I originally wanted to use some Termies and started painting up the Land Raider but then realized that wasn't really a Raven Guardy thing. So I had to revamp but having a LR done is good so finished it up. I have plenty of guys I can throw in there so always nice to have a ride if they need it. So far I have 10 Dark Fury complete and 10 Mor Deythan, 5 with Plasma and 5 with Sniper rifles. I also have 5 Seekers with Melta, a Apothecary and a Praetor or Centurion.. whatever.

 I love the way the Flyers look together and it does make me feel a bit better about putting the time in to build them haha.. I've had them painted up but needed to get the bases wrapped up. The bases came in the other day and I finished them up yesterday.
 I wanted them to look very beaten and weathered just like the rest of my Raven Guard.
 And I feel like they I got them to where I wanted them. They are rusted and busted as hell just like the RG force haha... I figured all the crap the RG went through their gear and vehicles would definitely have suffered. Plus I think it adds a lot of interest to the model other then being straight black. I wanted to go more realistic with the force so high contrast blends wouldn't have looked right.

 Death from above..
 Last night I was planning on finishing the Rhino completely but as I was working on it and had to let layers dry I switched over to the Tac and the flyer bases. I was working on them by hand but it really was taking a long time for just the Tac Squad... so I pulled out the airbrush and started to do the base blending. Now I will finish out the blending and start adding in the details.
 I added some soot to the stacks and cracks plus the addition of some muddy bits.

 The edge highlights and numbering are all that pretty much needs doing.

So... with that all being said I still have a bunch to do..  and while 3 months might seem like a good bit of time but sadly it really isn't. So here is a list of the stuff I need to get finished.

20 Tactical - 10 Are base blended and 10 are just primed.
10 Vets - These guys aren't really a must have done but I'd like to get them finished up to add some variety to my lists.
1 More Deimos - Sadly still in bits
1 Praetor
1 Corax - Partially primed
1 Imperial Knight - I want this guy done for the Big Blam and it will be nice to mix up the painting some!
1 Felblade - This is a very high maybe, I'd love to field it for the Big Blam as well but it all really depends on time.
1 Raven Guard display board. I have some pretty heavy ideas I want to incorporate but it will take me some serious time and my idea would require making a lot of plaster rock..  so .. this is probably the biggest maybe but all the biggest thing I'd actually like to do.Being all black my army wont pop as much so having a really cool display board would help!

So that's where I'm at..  I don't see myself having much time for the painting comp which I really like to enter even if it's not to win. But with my time constraints a brother has to do what a brother has to do.